Past, Present and Future

You wonder how sleepless those nights are going to be, 
Thinking, is all of this even worth me?

Your mind is filled with an un – glorifyied past,
But I bet, a few good moments always last.

Surfing through chapters, you finish the book,
And as each page you read, gets you all the more hooked.

Stories happy, sad or even take you by thrill,
But where is that one thing which will help the gap to fill?

Moving slowly, joining all the dots,
Climbing that steep slope you reach the spot.

You watch the horizon, and amazed, you jump,
Of your excellent future, my dear, That’s just a lump!

For everytime it rises, even the sun sets low,
So what’s the harm to sometimes just let go?

You jump from the top, and fall back on your bed,
There is far more than you think on your path as you tread.


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