Hello Mr. Prime Minister!

“Shiv Chhatrapati ka aashirvaad, chalo chale Modi ke saath.”

“Good Governance and Stability with BJP’s absolute majority.”

Till here it was ok! Read this Now:

“Vote for BJP and make Maharashtra lead India and the World.”

And now it gets a little unbearable:

“Will you let the sons and nephews of Politicians decide the destiny of 11 crore Maharashtrians?”

“IT’S TIME TO SAY NO TO DYNASTY. And say YES to merit in Democracy. VOTE FOR BJP.”

All this from the front and last page of one of the leading newspapers in the country. That’s probably fine. But the thing that is not fine is the photo of the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, alongside all these lines. What kind of a message does it send.

The BJP won the Lok Sabha Elections with an absolute majority. Narendra Modi promoted from the Post of the CM of Gujarat to The PM of India. Yes, that’s right, India. And then once you’re the leader of the country, what we expect from you is diplomacy and statesmanship. Maa Bete ki sarkar, Daamad jii, suited you just fine till the pre-election rallies. But you’re on that post now!

You get billions of dollars from China, Japan and the USA. Talk about development and governance. Fast track infra projects and make promises to reduce corruption. All of this for the country. But attacking opposing parties after gaining post and power does not suit the Prime Ministerial Image. Oh and that’s why I loved Dr. Manmohan Singh, for the respect he had earned from the world leaders for his humblensess and statesmanship. You sure do have a few things to learn from him, Mr. PM!

This article may sound highly opinionated. And I am not for or against any party. It is purely my thoughts over how, if you want to stay in that chair for the next five years, ofcourse for which the statements in the newspapers, please, we would love if you and your party publicise your own PROS rather than other parties CONS.

Signing off…


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