This is the way I should’ve lived

After the night’s sleep
When I opened my eyes
It was a place seen never before
Flames of fire and spilled blood
The person next to me said
Welcome my friend to Hell
The newest member of this cursed place
I realized I was dead. I was sad
But for a different reason
I said I had done nothing wrong
I always was a passenger to heaven
And the other person laughed
Only adding to my apathy
Soon, in came the devil
Mean streak and a dark persona
Picked me up by my collar
This is the wrong place, I said
After laughing like a devil, he replied
That you earthlings are so narrow
Thinking about only yourselves
You know to wake up and go to work
Earn for your own stomachs
And for those who are close to you
Come home, make love and sleep
You only preach but do not practice
You laugh at other’s jokes
You lose hope too soon
You don’t take chances
And then say you’ve never failed
Confused, I asked
Oh Devil! What about it is so wrong?
What he said opened my eyes
It sounded something like this
There is just one life you get
And you spend it trying to climb up the ladder
But you’ll don’t see in the process
You push so many down
You want to win the race of life
But always stay in fear
The fruit that you want to taste
Is not always near.
Friends and family cry
But others are unaware
That your soul is missing
Because you lived your life for yourself
You should have spent it for others
For those weak by mind, heart and body
For they would’ve blessed you forever
Experience the joy of giving
When you think that you are perfect
You should have thought again
You should have made others laugh
Have fun breaking some rules
And that is the only way to heaven
Now that you have fainted forever
You shall be buried or burned
So in anger I asked
Why not tell me when I was alive
I would’ve made a difference
He told me there is a reason
That the heart is different from the mind
For You listened to the latter
Now you face the music
For the crimes you committed
I put my hand on my head
And said to myself
This is the way I should’ve lived.



  1. Awesomely written…. An actual realisation for the entire human race.. on a life dats jst only given once n yet we all live so wrongly… amazing thought harsh.. well done..


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