The Special Moments Few!

Oh Charlotte, what do I say?
Now that the sun is at its bay.
When you put your eyes to rest,
That is truly the real test.

And to sleep is hard,
When there’s your interest to guard.
My head is occupied with your thought,
And I do miss you a lot!

As this night grows colder,
I wish you cold sleep on my shoulder.
Brushing my fingers through your hair,
And through your soul I could glare.

You would light up my day,
When you hug me your usual way.
And when we breathe like one,
Oh! It’s some different kind of fun.

When you kiss me on the back of my neck,
I smirk and say what the heck.
The girl of my dreams has come to life,
Won’t she make just the perfect wife.

And even though growing distance takes its toll,
I shall give you all my time and fill the hole.
Hope our love always stays like new,
I won’t ever forget these special moments few!


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