Lessons from Life

Here we are.
Anywhere between two decades young to five decades old. Staying in a home that holds anywhere between one to ten rooms. Or even more. Sleeping to the silence of the night. Waking up to morning tea to recollect a dream we just saw, thinking if it would be worthy enough to live it. Eating three to four meals a day. Going for that weekend movie. Maybe go shopping. Or a friend’s birthday. Reading a book that a friend recommended. Working. Studying. Spending a third of our life sleeping in that fixed spot, and spending another third just trying to find a chance to strike a conversation with that cute person of the opposite sex. At least to the point that you’re married off to him/her or to someone else.

If you are reading this, I’m sure, a part, if not most, has occurred in your lifetime. Life has been and has become a culmination of all these small parts. Life is what we make of it. Life is what we do in it. Growing is in itself a learning process. Not just manners and ethics and morals and character. Growing teaches us how world works in its own unique ways. But for me, growing has been a realisation. A realisation of two particular phenomena. We do stay in the 21st century where science and technology have made giant leaps and will continue to do the same. But science will never figure out everything. There will always be things that let us know that humans are not the most supreme force. That there is a greater force above us humans and mortal creatures. That our emotions and feelings are not completely caused by us alone.

The first of these phenomena is the fact that things will eventually fall into place, no matter what. We will never know what is exactly going to happen and we will never know the actual cause behind a particular action. Let me explain. You might not be a bright student but a fantastic entrepreneur. You might be shitty at your job but a doting parent. You might be a disciplined parent but must’ve been a really notorious kid in your childhood. Things that might seem bad in one part of your life become the best part of your life in the other part. We should realise that everything has a cause. Every single thing. And it has a subsequent effect that we might be wary of even as we are doing it. Let’s say for instance that you are living in city A when you are 18 years of age. You attend a decent college. Have a nice group of friends. What more would a teen want? Life is good. But your father is transferred to a city B and you do not like leaving behind your old home, your old college and the group of friends. But you do not know what city B has to offer. Maybe city B wants to make you a millionaire, or maybe city B has the only love of your life waiting for you. City B wants your life to fall into place. Make it better even. I would like to think of all of this as the cause of shifting rather than the effects.

The second phenomenon is death. We do not know what happens after. For me, personally, it is more about the fear of death. I’m sure most of us have wandered off in our thoughts sitting alone in a room, thinking about the various possibilities of life after death. Rebirth or reincarnation will seem possible. The destruction of the earth will seem possible. The important thing is, we will not lose the power to shape other people’s lives even after we die. Through our actions, or through our deeds. Mr. Oscar Schindler would have agreed to this. And I think that is what our lives should be about. All of us must’ve picked up different lessons. It depends on what your goals are and what path you have chosen.

Life has a lot to offer. The end will determine what you learn. So choose how you want to end, well.


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