From the Body, With Love

It was late at night,
She laid on my shoulder.
Her finger searched my chest,
As the night grew colder.

Her eyes started shutting,
As we were conversing in breaths.
And I said to myself,
This is as good as it gets!

I looked at her pretty face,
My fingers got her hair brushed.
And everything became so clear,
Through all my veins, blood rushed.

The eyes are to admire her beauty,
Not just to know what’s true.
And as I grab her with my hands,
The pounding of my heart grew.

The legs are not to stand still,
But to entwine them with hers.
The nose is not to breathe in air,
But to smell the scent she wears.

Ears are not to listen,
But so that she can bite.
And put her hand on my belly,
Where butterflies take flight.

That’s why the body is shaped so,
So you can love and live.
And when it can happen to you,
There’s always some to give.



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