A Few Bottles High!

Bottle after bottle as I went,
My head was getting light.
I thought about a him,
And I thought about a her.
I thought about my first crush from school,
Her bright smile, her long hair,
And how she swept me away.
The first time I asked a girl out,
The way she said yes.
And Oh! How it lasted only six months.
What seemed sad then,
Made me laugh hard today!
All those times with my three best buddies,
When they laughed at my rare jokes!
Laughing on myself,
Is easiest in front of them.
When my girl hugged me for the first time,
And kissed me me on my right cheek.
And how I blushed at that,
And thought, Woah! She’s faster than me!
That’s what the bottles do,
Teach you how to relive every moment.
For you should be high even without them.
Happy and high always!


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