Her Space And Her Time

After the busy day, when we met,
I only wondered how tired she would get.
Formal clothes, heavy bag and shoes,
Only magnified her discomfort woes!

Her cropped black hair, messy from the day,
Covered her face in a random way.
On my sight, she managed a smile,
Made me happy, I could comfort her for a while.

As I got the car’s door for her,
She winked and whispered, “Thank you, Sir!”
I ordered the chauffeur to start to the car,
And drive us to the nearest restobar.

It was rush hour and the car was slow,
She was in her thoughts, looking out the window.
I put an arm around her as she looked away,
To ask her how was her day?

Silence continued in the car’s back seat,
Our actions were in the moment’s heat.
She turned towards me, clung me hard.
As if to her I was a precious diamond shard.

No words spoken yet, we still shared,
Something about which no one else cared.
After a few minutes, up she stood,
Smiling, holding tears back as hard as she could.

Teaches me, not everything has to be spoken of,
A few things need to be understood.
The most valuable thing she will give you,
Is her space and her time!


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