It’s So Wonderful!

It’s wonderful to talk all day to the one person,
And still not run out of conversations.
To laugh and to cry in front of them,
And expect them to comfort us to normalcy.

It’s wonderful when you have someone to come home to,
To be waiting for you after a long day.
To share with them how you feel,
And expect them to feel the same way.

It’s wonderful to sleep with them under a blanket of stars,
On a dark but moonlit night.
When all there is, is your arm for them,
And they’re most comfortable without a bed beneath.

It’s wonderful to grow old with them,
To see beyond the outer beauty,
The same person you knew 50 years back,
And know how substance over form holds true always.

It’s wonderful to be with the one,
The one that will change your life!
And not expect anything in return,
Yes! It’s so wonderful!


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