An Open Letter to ML Sharma And AP Singh, Lawyers Of Nirbhaya Rapists

Death is described as the termination of life when the critical organs of the body cease to function after which the soul is believed to live on forever in the universe. In short, after death, the body gives up but the soul lives on. What happens when the reverse occurs? The body lives but the soul dies. This can be better explained by somebody who has lost her dignity due to some unfortunate event. Yes, I am talking about rape: A forced sexual assault on a victim by a person involving sexual intercourse without the victim’s consent. When such a heinous activity is inflicted upon a girl, her body becomes a burden because her soul breathes its last. It leaves her bereaved. Bereaved ‘cause she mourns silently for her soul which gets robbed by some shameless zombie-like human who derived pleasure by inflicting pain upon her just to satisfy his unexplained monstrous hunger. She is left without any feelings, without any emotions!

She lives but, a dead life.

Imagine, a girl who has gone through this odious act. She gathers some courage and registers a case. A trial is then carried out. She, first of all, is asked so damn shameful questions that the girl would rather prefer to live in solitude. The trial goes on and the victim wants to get over with it. The worst part is the alleged is some rich brat. The trial comes. Furor is created. Media-hype follows. Solidarity activities gain momentum. Candles are burnt. The trial still goes on, months pass, years pass, alleged is forgotten, everything is forgotten! Again a similar case is brought into the limelight. The same cycle repeats! Everything gets over. Where is the victim in all this? Does anybody feel what she goes through when, she, day in day out keeps seeing and hearing about her fate? IT KILLS HER. Every second of her life she feels like a waste of air. The only positive thing in this case is that the TVTs of media channels shoot up.


I’m so glad that the entire nation came forward in fury to support Jyoti Singh. But, where was everybody when that lady in the burkha, the girl in the school dress, the woman who was expecting, the saree clad widow, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend were raped? You know, what? On behalf of all these women, let me tell you something. We don’t care what you think. We care what our family and friends think of us. We will wear short clothes, we will go out on outings with new people, we I’ll party and drink alcohol. Where is it written that a girl can’t smoke, can’t drink, can’t talk, can’t laugh, can’t do what she feels like? Who made these norms? Why do you even think that you have a say in our lives? You say, a woman immediately puts sex in his eyes? Well, you know, what? That says a lot about you. You mean, Jyoti Singh shouldn’t have tried to save herself from getting brutally raped? You want to say that it’s her mistake? Do you think, she was some public property for you to grope her and lay hands on her? NO. SHE WAS NOT. For that matter, nobody is.

So, you’re talking about how revealing clothes mean sex to you. Okay, tell me. That school going girl wearing her school uniform where her legs can be seen, was that girl asking for sex? NO. All she cared about was, probably her tuitions, what she’d have for lunch, will she have to hide or seek while playing hide and seek with friends and what next would happen in a television soap she enjoys watching. You know, I don’t want to know about culture and ethics any more. I don’t want to be mature. Because, if this is maturity, if this is your culture, if these are your ethics, then I’m proud to not be what the culture has asked me to be. I have very strong ideas, opinions and judgements and I’m not scared to voice them. Yes, I’m no longer the shy and meek person you thought I’d be. I am the youth of today. I’m the daughter of the nation. And, I am more than proud to be not like the rest of you.


Tanvi Sonigra.

As rebellious as the article, the author is a student, is pursuing acting and is a huge Madhubala fan. Readers can reach her at


One comment

  1. Amazingly written!! Totally support your idea of freedom for women.Its a shame that people who think women should not revolt and allow that beast to rape them or women who wear short clothes call for rape even exist!
    Hoping those lawyers get out of their rubbish patriarchy ideals n support whats just.


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