Pav Bhaji? Top 11 Places in Mumbai!

Pav Bhaji: Undoubtedly Mumbai’s Favourite Food!

Pav Bhaji, the best gift Maharashtrians have given the world in terms of food! This dish seamlessly becomes a part of any of the four meals you have in the day! And guess what, it’s been westernised with the addition of cheese too, only for the better! Pav Bhaji is proudly, Aamchi Mumbai’s very own dish! Let’s have a look at the 11 best places to enjoy Pav Bhaji in the maximum city!

11. Sardar Refreshments

Sardar Refreshments

source: tripadvisor

The Pav Bhaji here is known for only one thing, butter! Loads and loads of it! This Pav Bhaji has around for quite some years now!

10. Nityanand Fast Food

Nityanand Fast Food

source: sulekha

Want to have som e spicy, tasty Pav Bhaji around the corner before catching the train at Charni Road? Well, this is the place to go! This place is particularly known for the amazing service when you order Pav Bhaji!

9. Manohar Pav Bhaji

Manohar Pav Bhaji

source: zomato

Situated at Girgaum, this Pav Bhaji is pocket friendly! Oh, and yes, if your tummy cannot handle spicy too well and if you’re still looking out for great taste, drive straight to this place!

8. Girgaum Chowpatty Stalls

Girgaum Chowpatty Stalls

source: cloudfront

What’s better than enjoying a delicious Pav Bhaji sitting on mats by the shore while enjoying the cool evening breeze? Yes, there’s an answer! Having a Malai Gola or Anando Masala Milk after it! In terms of the experience, the best place to eat Pav Bhaji is right there on the beach!

7. Sukh Sagar

Sukh Sagar

source: burrp

One of the tastiest, but also the most expensive in the list! Sophisticated, classy Pav Bhaji! And if you choose to sit in the non A/C section, you are always in for a treat as the aroma of the Pav Bhaji delights you continuously as it’s prepared on this extra huge tawa right in front of everyone! Trust me, so much Pav Bhaji at one place is a treat to the eyes!

6. Cannon

Cannon Pav Bhajisource: buzzintown

Right outside CST Railway Station, is a place where you can eat yummy, preferably cheese cheese Pav Bhaji, standing right next to people belonging to all walks of life! Served by very sweet maavshis who refuse to talk to you in a language other than Marathi, this Pav Bhaji hotel-cum-stall is surpsrisingly full during meal times everyday!

5. Amar Juice Centre

Amar juice Centre

 source: wheelsonourfeet

This place is the place for Pav Bhaji at Juhu! There’s minimal seating seating arrangement, although it’s decently crowded! Right from people walking in to the people sitting in any high end car you can imagine, everyone enjoys Pav Bhaji at Amar! You can also try out the juices and milkshakes at this place! Oh, and yes, they’ll serve it you in your car that’s parked even a hundred metres away!

4. Rama Krishna

Rama Krishna

source: tripadvisor

Lovingly called RK, right ouside Vile Parle Railway Station at the exit on the east side, is this place where you get fabulous Pav Bhaji cooked freshly with just the right balance between spice and taste! A favourite among college students, the Annas at this place are just too friendly! And the butter pav at this place is to die for! It’s a personal suggestion to order for a plate of butter pav after completing the Pav Bhaji entirely! And the cheese Pav Bhaji here is a personal favourite and a special one!

3. Bhagwati Pav Bhaji

Bhagwati Pav Bhaji

 source: jdmagicbox

An original from Kandivali west! The Pav Bhaji can be made super extra spicy at your request! Served with exclusive red chutney and a tomato-onion mix, it is a near perfect Pav Bhaji. You get food here till 2 am making it a favourite among the youngsters as well!

2. Maruti Pav Bhaji

Black Pav Bhaji
Black Pav Bhaji at Maruti

source: 4sqi

This Pav Bhaji stall has truly come a long way! First situated at Bajaj Road in Vile Parle, where we’d have to sit on mats on the road, the stall now has shifted to SV Road attracting customers like never before! This is the spiciest Pav Bhaji you will ever have! It is also called ‘Black Pav Bhaji’ because of the Pav Bhaji its peculiar dark colour. This place is equally famous for it’s Khada Pav Bhaji, that is non-mashed Pav Bhaji!

1. Crystal


source: cnn

This is a personal favourite and easily beats every other hotel on the list when it comes to Pav Bhaji! This is easily the tastiest Pav Bhaji you can find in the city! Situated bang opposite Girgaum Chowpatty, next to Wilson College, it is a rare find as most of the people are unaware of how good the food is as the hotel does not look fancy from outside. Firstly, there is no bulk preparation. Each order is freshly cut and made! The hotel looks like it is a century old, with light music from the yesteryears playing! The waiters tending to you are the same as they were ten years back! And let me tell you that it is so light on the pocket, you won’t even realize. Masala Pav is very different from what you will find anywhere else in Mumbai, prepared only with spices rather than an elaborate vegetable masala. And you can treat yourself with the delicious Kheer or Fruit Cream after the meal or alternatively opt to have an ice cream right outside the restaurant! Crystal makes it first on the list!


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