No Regrets!

A four month long break and here I am! The lines that will follow will talk about my last year’s experiences, which I find worth sharing with a lot of the regular readers of this blog. The least I hope is that students relate to it.

Last year was a roller coaster ride that looks no less dangerous than any business cycle. But, aren’t roller coasters fun after all? Shifting from CA to an entirely new stream that neither of your parents or relatives know about, Economics. And how I fell in love with the subject. It was amazing to explore its beauty, and how it takes simple everyday things that affect us and turn it to something so subtle, it just fits!

This journey has helped me know myself a lot. It was the first time I was completely on my own, after all. In my understanding, leaving CA gave me a lot on time on hand. And I’m glad that I used it rather productively, by teaching. I came to conclude that teaching is the best form of giving. Not food, not money, but if you can give a person the time on your clock and the knowledge in your mind, you cannot do any better than that.

Teaching kids from the tenth to the twelveth grade was something I really did not know how to look forward to. I was excited for sure, but scared as well from the first benchers. Teaching took me back in time. Moulding thoughts and ideas of those couple hundred kids was a privilege not many are privy to. Though, the changes they bring in you and your methodologies are shocking. I figured I never did most of the things when I was their age but I expected them to do so. From teaching in private coaching classes where students with resources come late to class to teaching at an NGO that ran a street school where the students would come early by fifteen minutes to lay mats and arrange chairs and blackboards for their respective teachers, I saw it all. It taught me how to value time, that of your own and the others.

The period from Februrary to this day was only for myself. And now that I have gotten through it, here I am, sitting in my hostel room in Pune. A new life that begins with my new college. So yes, no regrets. I am a part of a masters course that only 59 other students can attend. Though not the best, but one of the better Universities for Economics. I am proud of the step that I took. To push away CA and embrace Economics. Meeting people from all over India. Getting to know so much stuff that I otherwise never would have. Skyping with friends and with people that I stayed under the same roof with. It is not easy, but it is a once in a lifetime experience to wash your own clothes and hang them to dry, something I’d like my maid to otherwise do. All this just because I gave myself a chance. I dared to follow my heart and not the herd.

The only thing worthwhile is not just to put your one hundred percent, but to put it when doing that one thing you seriously love. For each and every one of you, it will surely be different, but I hope you’ll are thinking about it as you read this. But it all has to stay the same till the end. So, stay happy and keep no regrets. When you follow your heart, you are absolutely right!



  1. A decision well taken…..a lot of hard work put in last 1 year…..lot of amalgamations done for choosing the best university….it was all worth it at the end…..have amazing 2 yrs in Gokhale….I wish you the best in ur life…..a budding economist 🙂


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