Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th Honourable President of India, left for heavenly abode on the 27th of July, 2015. His staggering speeches and lectures have inspired us and may keep on doing so for the generations to come. His struggle story from a poor family in Rameswaram to changing the entire defence and aeronautics scene of the country to becoming the first citizen is a perfect picture for the country. We shall always remain in awe of you. Here is my little tribute to the man of the millenia!


John Keating exclaimed,
In Dead Poets Society,
“If you’re slightly more daring,
Call me O’ Captain My Captain!”

As you take your final flight,
O great teacher,
I’ll be slightly more daring,
And call you, O’ Captain My Captain!

The crown of your silver locks,
Those glorious moist eyes,
Your smile that is so profound,
Makes positivity so infectious.

Some may call you the Missile Man,
Many may say People’s President,
With your ideas and thoughts,
You’ve given to the country like no other!

As you sail home at 83,
We weep with deep sorrow,
But we shall always look up to you,
For you truly are our icon, our guiding light!

So, O’ Captain My Captain,
This is our last salute,
And as your body becomes one with Earth,
May your soul rest in peace!!



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