A Boy

He stood right there, where the roads met,

with balloons in his hands and curiosity in his eyes,

eagerness in his heart and hunger in his stomach.

He looked at the signal go red, and ran,

as if his legs were taught to move according to the signal colours.

Going from vehicle to vehicle, trying to sell,

without a tie or a pair of shoes on his feet.

Some completely ignore him, so shoo him away,

because of his dirty clothes or his running nose.

A few will buy but not without bargaining,

while he thinks how unfair the world is to him.


And he repeats this process every other minute,

so that he doesn’t have to sleep hungry,

or take a beating from his drunkard father.

Children with fancy watches and colourful clothes,

Don’t stop him from doing his work.

So now I understand what he means,

when he sells those heart shaped balloons.

He says, look beyond my misery,

look beyond my poverty.

Look beyond my unwashed skin and my dirty clothes,

look at my heart and have one.





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