Picture Abhi Baaki Hain

“He can’t talk to my girlfriend like that!”, said Karan with disgust in his eyes. Ishita was trying to comfort him saying it is okay. All this, right in front of me in the start of a four hour neck wrecking train journey and I knew I had all the reasons to not use my earphones. A bunch of English speaking Gujarati teenagers from Lokhandwala are as entertaining as it gets. And then I thought, what if Arunabh Kumar was sitting on my seat? Would his mind be churning out a brand new script for a brand new idea for a brand new web mini series? Intrigues me!

I got done watching Pitchers, Permanent Roommates and Bang Baaja Baaraat through last month, the first two by TVF and the last one by Y-Films, the web content arm of YashRaj Films, all amazing creations. And finally, I had some homegrown content I could watch. Loved Jeetu, didn’t you? I only wish it could last a little longer than 5 episodes each. It actually makes sense when Arunabh claims that there is nothing to watch for the youth of the country! Though I’d still binge watch Sarabhai, right now all I could think of watching would be a Homeland, or maybe wait badly for the sixth season of Game of Thrones, or have a Friends marathon with my friends on a weekend. But if I’d want to watch something Indian in its true sense, I had nothing. Oh well, not to forget Bigg Boss and Roadies and Splitsvilla and the likes having the eyes of lakhs of teenagers glued to the TV during the wee hours. Time = wasted.

Time comes to appreciate the true,  inoffensive content that’s been well thought. Every line of the script thought a hundred times over, making sure nothing is rotten old. All the actors putting up an amazing performance, where Mandal becomes the perfect Indian Joey! Oh I can’t stop drawing parallels. But another question pops up my mind. Would I ever want to binge watch this? 

As far as movies are concerned, I love the way the cinema has evolved and is  producing amazing stuff every year. I could watch a few movies all the time. But has that trickled down to the small screen? Or now, the smaller screen on your laptop or phone? As Ali Fazal leads the transition, many more like Anurag Kashyap have featured in smaller roles in TVF videos. I’d want to watch, rather binge watch series made by houses like TVF and AIB, and once they find their fair share on the TV screen, the youth will finally have something amazing homegrown to watch. Stuff we could easily relate to, but all something that stands out on its own. 

So for the Indian Motion Picture scene, picture abhi baaki hain!



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