A Hundred Stones

In pride you walk, with your head held high,

nothing can bring you down.

Your aura cannot be subdued.

Every brick thrown at you vanishes to fine sand,

and every bullet skips you by inches.

Till that one stone hits you right on the head,

You are bathing red in your own blood.

The cables holding the bridge snap,

and you are in a free fall.

You push all the buttons but to no avail.

You are confined in this dark room,

and you can hear all four walls creeping towards you.

The ceiling will touch your head any time,

the floor shifting from beneath your feet.

There is space enough just to breath,

but you cannot move your limbs.

So be it, you say.

You push and you push till you are fatigued,

but you don’t stop unless there is a hole in the wall.

You see light through the hole,

and it gives you all the strength you ever need.

The walls that stopped you for such a long time,

Disappear in thin air, the light illuminates your aura again.

And now you know that you can take a hundred other stones,

but YOU cannot be stopped.


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