Beyond This Land That We Know

The horizon in front of my eyes.
This ocean of water
That wants to escape
The place where it currently belongs
It tries so hard to come this side
On this land
Only to get pulled back again.
And with it, it takes
The sand below my feet.
As the sand drifts away
It feels like an hourglass
The sand falls down on the other side
That is how the ocean knows
What tide it has to be in.
The gravity of the earth
Pulls the sun down
At it’s own speed
While the clouds try to resist
And the winds that push me back
dampen it’s heat.
The world behind me is cut off
As if the drifting sand below my feet
And the water in the ocean
Want to consume me
And make me a part of this new world.
Have I ever been able to look
Beyond this land that we know?


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