Another Lesson

This month marks one year of me moving to Pune for my masters in Economics. I was happy I got the opportunity. I wrote a piece and proudly named it ‘No Regrets!‘. I am now in the fag end of my summer internship when I got a chance to look back at the last year and all my experiences. Pretty much went into a mini flashback.

I was taking a hundred impressions on myself. Everyone starting from my own roommate, to my seniors, my professors right up to the RBI Governor. I was really just taking it all in. It was different. I was put in the same place where people from at least 15 different states were there. And I was amazed at the differences. I was enjoying it. Well, I’ll be honest, I was trying really hard to fit in. I was trying to make my own impression, subconsciously, in the process.

I had to shift my course after a month, and was happy to do so! I was going to get to study what I really wanted to. And I got to save a ton of Dad’s money too :P. I was feeling really lucky and humbled by the fact that I was sharing space with clearly some of the best brains in the Institute. I was studying core Economics, and it was worth the wait.

Honestly, I have not really capitalized on this opportunity yet. I have not been scoring really well. My concepts are not up to the mark. But I will not say that I wasted it entirely either. I was proud that an initiative of mine, UTBT, was taken so well in the Institute and in a couple neighbouring colleges as well. Pune Mirror published a small piece about it and I almost had a celebrity moment. I could bag an amazing internship for myself and it all somehow just worked in my favour.

A year and my mindset changed. My goals changed. I shifted my city and my personal life went for a toss. I am back in Mumbai right now and I cannot tell you guys how much alien I feel in my own hometown. One year has created distance more than I understood it would. And I was not expecting any of this when I reached Pune. I have a habit of thinking way ahead in future and everything I foresaw was wrong! Just when I thought that I had life all sorted out, life gave me another lesson. I would not say that I am stuck in the same place. I did take a few steps ahead, but it’s not all rosy either.

I made a few amazing friends, got the best roommates I could find, and some really cool seniors. And I am really attached to this Institute. It made me change my mind about what I want to do with life in a year. That is the power good Institutions have. I will go into my senior year late this month and I hope to be struck by something amazing again. I’m really excited to see how juniors turn out. A constant reminder that life never stops teaching you.


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