Curtain Theory

The only thing from my CA studies that I recall without distortion is a legal concept called ‘lifting the corporate veil’. It plainly meant that when it is not fair to hold the entire company, as an entity, liable for a certain action, the law has the power to look beyond this artificial veil and pick out the human entities who are at fault. It made good sense.

Curtains are levelers because they hide what is behind. And that something that they hide is either really good or really bad. That’s why there is a curtain in the first place. Normalcy screams exposure. Smokers will come out only when they are okay with people tagging them as smokers. By people, I do not mean just peer groups or society as a whole, but the ones who truly mean a lot to them. Glass pane meeting rooms and open doors are the biggest contradictions about what the corporate attempts to show as transparent. Where employees are free to walk in, they are not blind to look at ferocious and animated top level meetings. The glass pane is nothing but a curtain. It is hiding something really good or really bad.

A part of everything or everyone that you will come across will have this curtain that is not so obvious. A person’s skin is a curtain to his soul. And a conversation or two will never be enough. No amount of time you spend with a person will be enough for it to mean anything worthwhile unless you lift the curtain away. The strength of a relationship can never be judged on the basis of time that it has passed through.

Setting the curtain aside is a slow process. If you think you have done it, you might want to check again. The light that comes through the window when you pull the curtain will gradually dim away as the day passes. Reality changes and you will find change less impactful when you are a part of it. It is necessary to see the change happening so that it does not take you by surprise. And change is constantly taking place behind the curtain.

Curtains show that everything is equal. And everything is not. And digging in is called for. Investigative Economics, investigative journalism or investigative human nature will expose the abnormality. This gives sudden shocks that are short lived. But they bring qualitative longevity. Curtains propagate mistrust. I am a strong believer in karma. And whoever or whatever is behind the curtain should realize that life comes full circle. So whatever you are doing behind the curtain will come back to you from the other side of the curtain.

Everything cannot be okay all the time. If things are not going wrong even once, there is something wrong with them . And this wrong is effectively hidden by the curtain. And it is our job to look beyond. We are far less from perfection. We should subject ourselves to scrutiny. Curtains keep questions at bay. Curtains demote warranted skepticism. So wherever we see a curtain, it is at the wrong place completely. It is for our benefit that we remove it. And have full knowledge of reality.


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