I was taught to keep an arm’s length
And follow a single file in school
All this to maintain discipline
Now as the arm stretches out
With a camera phone in my hand
And people behind me not in a single file
Making an expression as weird as I can
How we have submitted to this device
Making ourselves look stupid
For a few hundred likes on social media
Capturing moments that have no importance
Applying filters all over more so
Maybe a doggy’s tongue and ears
Or glittery eyes and a flower tiara
Uploading every single detail of  our life
That we otherwise consider to be intimate
Open for everyone to view
Everyone to comment, everyone to judge
What is it that we are trying to achieve
Pouting to our phone screens
Recording our ability to do exactly nothing
The amount of time we waste
For ourselves and for others too
Hashtagging our way to glory, we feel
A new one for every new piece of cloth
Or a new cosmetic, or a new dish


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